COVID-19 UPDATE January 2022. Face to Face appointments/ Theatre slots now available.

Please be aware that the practice is still open.
Whilst there was no access to operating theatres for aesthetic procedures initially during covid, I now have some limited theatre spaces at both hospitals. Please feel free now to book in for face-faceassessment and discussion regarding rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty. Please continue to book in for appointments directly with the clinics, contact my private secretary to aid in this, or you can now book in online to Spire hospital clinics when you are self funding.
I will endeavour to give you the best service I can in the current unprecedented conditions.
Mark Simmons

Mr Mark Simmons

Welcome to our Rhinoplasty surgery clinic.

Meet Mr Simmons

Rhinoplasty is the medical name for cosmetic nasal reshaping surgery (commonly called a ‘Nose Job’).

Mr Mark Simmons is a Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon specialising in corrective nasal surgery for both aesthetic and functional problems of the nose.

Having a background in ENT Surgery allows him to assess and preserve (or improve) the breathing function of your nose at the same time as enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

His aim is to give you ‘Form with function.’

By concentrating his aesthetic practice on surgery for the nose, he undertakes more procedures on this often difficult and challenging area of the anatomy and thus reinforces his knowledge and skill in the discipline.

Practicing in three locations, he can offer convenient consultations for the population of Birmingham, Solihull, The Black Country and the greater West Midlands area.

British Medical Council

GMC No. 4037071


Common Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Improve your facial harmony

Facial Harmony

Altering your nose can improve the aesthetic harmony of your face

Improve confidence

Self Confidence

Rhinoplasty can improve confidence if you're self conscious about your nose

Facial Symmetry

Tip Alteration

Rhinoplasty surgery can narrow a bulbous nose or lift a droopy tip

Nose Reduction

Nose Reduction

Making the nose smaller by removing some of the bone and cartilage

Improve Beathing

Hump Removal

Prominent dorsal humps can be removed creating a smoother nasal bridge

Broken Nose

Broken Nose

Aesthetic nasal surgery can improve injury related nasal deformities

Improve Beathing

Improve Breathing

If you have breathing difficulties, Rhinoplasty may improve nasal breathing

Trust your appearance to us

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High stanards of surgery

High standards of surgery

Committed sugeon


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Convenient local clinics